Trump to Merkel: “We’re both bugged Obama”

Trump to Merkel: "We're both bugged Obama"

President Donald Trump reiterated his claim that he had been tapped by the administration of Barack Obama, in the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Trump told Merkel: “At least we have one thing in common, maybe.”

Intelligence agents in the Obama administration reportedly monitored Merkel’s phone, which had triggered a furious reaction.

But Republican and Democratic party leaders at the congress have said they do not believe Trump has been tapped.

Trump addressed the tapping problem in a press release with Merkel after the meeting. Merkel also saw Trump with a strange look.

However, in the Trump and Merkel meetings the main issues discussed were Nato and Trade.

Merkel’s visit, which was supposed to take place on Tuesday (14/03), was forced to be postponed due to a snow storm.

Body language between the two leaders was very awkward. On a photo opportunity at the White House, Merkel asked Trump slowly: “Do you want to shake hands? Trump just stares straight at his hands and does not answer Merkel’s questions.

In the press statement, Trump was also asked about White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s remarks that Britain’s spy agency GCHQ has been wiretapping Trump during the US presidential election campaign.

Trump said Spicer cited a commentary from Fox TV. The US president said he had no opinion whatsoever about it, and added: “You should not talk to me, you have to speak to Fox.”

Fox then delivered a televised statement saying: “Fox News has no evidence whatsoever that currently the president of the United States is supervised at all times and in any way, period.”

GCHQ denied the allegations by saying the statement was “nonsense” and British Prime Minister Downing Street’s office said it had ensured the US not to repeat the claim.


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