Hundreds of Houses Have Been Evacuated, Up-to-date information on floods in northern Nevada

Up-to-date information on floods in northern Nevada

Hundreds of houses have been evacuated by the floods of Reno. Up-to-date information on floods in northern Nevada

A mild winter storm in Sierra has caused landslides to shut down some of the north and west major highways of Lake Tahoe and dozens of roads in the Reno-Tahoe region have been closed when hundreds of homes have been withdrawn from the floods.

More than 1,000 residents voluntarily withdrew one of the southern Reno regions that began flooding the drain on Sunday afternoon.

All west lanes on Interstate 80, west of Donner Lake, west of Trackee, California, were closed indefinitely Sunday night due to a major landslide. The west lane of US Highway 50 near Key Bus is also blocked.

Washoe County spokesman Nancy Leuenhagen said about 400 residences have been evacuated from the Reno area and hundreds of people are expected to be imprisoned late at the emergency shelter.

Reno police closed all the bridges across the Traki River in the downtown casino district.

Nearly five inches of rain have left the Galena Creek area in the southwest of the city and more than four inches to the north.

The worst is expected on Monday morning commute following the I-80 corridor between Reno and Sparks, where the Truckee River is expected to fly about 10 feet above the flood level.

University of Nevada, Reno and all local schools canceled classes on Monday. Governor Brian Sandoval urged all unimportant state employees affected by the flood to be at home.

Reno evacuated more than 1,000 houses in the eastern front brackets of Sierra with the worst flooding in 10 years.

Urgent officials say residents voluntarily withdrew 1,300 homes near southern Reno as the truckee River began leaving the bank on Sunday and the drainage began to flood south of Interstate 80.

Many local roads were closed but no injuries were reported.

The National Weather Service said it is already tracking storms in the region that have been raining a few inches.

The Truckee River will peak at approximately two feet from the flood stage of downtown Reno on Sunday evening.

They are expected to spill water in an industrial area of about 25,000 people working at about 2 meters above sea level 6 feet above the flood stage in neighboring Sparks.

The school will be closed on Mondays throughout the Reno-Sparks area. Authorities say they expect Reno-Tahoe International Airport to remain open.


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