Short and Sweet Wedding Wishes

wish for marriage blessing, wedding wishes for best friend, funny wedding wishes for best friend, marriage wishes quotes, wedding wishes for sisterShort and Sweet Wedding Wishes – A wish for marriage is always a pleasure for a friend or family member at a wedding reception. Can not you decide what to write on your wedding card? Congratulate the bride and groom with this encouraging wedding wish. You can not go as far as you’d like to tell a fun story and have a wonderful life for new married people.

Memories or advice to newlyweds do not become “party killers”! Maintain a rich and abundant wedding celebration and toast with valuable knowledge.

If you do not have what you need to push your marvelous wedding wishes, you can always be safe in other ways of hoping for a happy life. This desire has become an important part of the wedding culture that provides humor or emotion.

One big chaos during a proper wedding celebration is when people are in the field. If you maintain your defense, you can escape from giving advice to your newlyweds. Otherwise, you can think of fun moments in your life.

A wish for an inspiring marriage for couples to encourage you

We are so happy to be part of your special day. I hope you will lead many years to joy and fill your life with infinite love.

We pray for strength, courage and steadfast love when we begin this new chapter in your life. I would like to join the union.

The warmest wish on your wedding day. I hope that your mutual trust grows at every moment. We look forward to your long-term growth.

I hope that the aroma of your love will spread with time as you grab each other’s hands with a pledge of love, devotion, and loyalty and move on to the new journey of life.

I wish you all the health and happiness of the world at your wedding.

Do not forget that love for your life gives you the courage to succeed in this marriage.

I hope the groom can not forget the words “your love”.
Marriage is a meeting of two hearts that share love and pain and still become one.

Remember the golden rule of the bridegroom: “Happy wife, happy life”
As you grow up together in love, I hope you enjoy wealth prosperity in your marital life.

I wish for a healthy family and beautiful children generation.

Please pray for happiness and happiness to you through loyalty to one another.

I want your life to be done in each other’s company. Then you can grow happily together.

The bride may not forget. “My money is my money and money is my money.”

Sharing dreams is the most precious gift in life. So everyone wants you to be very happy and wonderful life.


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