SMS & Status Happy New Year 2017

Advance Happy New Year 2017Happy New Year  2017 FB Summary – The New Year is a new beginning of a beautiful phase of life and a new beginning of new hope. This event is always special and is a special gift for close friends and relatives by sharing or sharing New Year’s Facebook status. Facebook is the most widely used social media in almost every sector of the world, regardless of age.

Fun, joy, happiness, peace, love, luck,
I’ll be close,
With my special wishes,
Best wishes for a Happy New Year  2017.

Always be in war with your vices.
Peacefully with each of your neighbors,
The New Year sees you as a better person.
Best wishes for a Happy New Year  2017.

Forgive this new year quickly and forgive.
I laugh, I really love you. I wish you happiness.
New Year!

Accept my cute, small, beautiful, lovely, pure things.
But wish me a sincere wish for this new year.
Wish Happy New Year  2017!

I want to express how much joy you have given me, and in return I wish for joy and happiness. Happy New Year  2017!

Another opportunity to cheer on the New Year and do it right. Do not wait for the New Year to change your view. Get up and act proactively today!

You can change what happens over time. So make your future a wonderful future with your gift. Best wishes for a Happy New Year  2017.

beauty. joy. cream. TRUSS. Emotional. Feeling. Feeling. trust. trust. It’s the beginning of the New Year!

This year there are fewer disasters, less hate, fewer accidents, and more love. Happy New Year  2017.

If you are not happy you will never be happy. Live your own life, love it first and share it.

I will not waste any more time in regaining the past, but instead I will worry about the future.

The purpose of the New Year is not to have a New Year. It is to have a new soul.

The New Year is unfolding. Like a flower whose petals seem to hide beautifully.

Do not bring your 2016 issue to 2017. Have a new heart to celebrate the New Year and do something new.

All the problems can last as long as the New Year resolutions.

Many expect a new beginning in old habits.

Everyone regards their lives as the New Year’s Eve of Time.

If you ask for a New Year’s resolution, it is to find out who I am.

The weasel is going to be happy for the new year. ”

Another opportunity to cheer on the New Year and do it right.

I wish you a happy year filled with health, prosperity, love and pleasure!

Always keep in mind that your determination is more important than anything else.

The following year is one of the best you have ever sent! Happy New Year  2017!

The New Year is a time for telling fools how good they are.

Many expect new beginnings in new habits.

Circle zooming Turn your friends into benefits this year.

The New Year is a time to forget all the fears, drink a few beers, and let all your tears come out.

Facebook helps you keep in touch with friends, relatives, and dear ones. It is the best platform to share the New Year status to make a special day. Especially in the case of elders, share the New Year Facebook status, designed exclusively for the occasion and to save time and seek a worthy blessing on all of this world.


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