Oklahoma Quakes Prompt oil gas Companies Shutdown

Oklahoma Quakes Prompt oil gas Companies Shutdown

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The largest was of 5.6 magnitude earthquake has rocked Oklahoma raving Midwest all the way from Nebraska to northern Texas.

Some parts of Oklahoma now Northern California’s most Earthquake prone, rocking, centered in rural Pawnee County, can feel more than a seven-state area, the US Geological Survey reported.

Fallin said three houses in Pawnee County was damaged and that at least three buildings in the city of Pawnee sustained some level of damage. The inspection of Highway Bridges and highways cross country also happen “problem”, he said.

Pawnee County Emergency Management Director Mark Randell said one homeowner was treated and released from a hospital after suffering mild head injuries when part of the fireplace fell on him because he was protecting his son

Pawnee Nation, which has the headquarters of the tribe in the area, declared a State of emergency and said damage to the building so wide they are currently closed while waiting further examination.

Foklahoma quakes prompt oil gas companies shut down

An increase in earthquakes of magnitude-3.0 or more powerful in Oklahoma has been associated with the disposal of waste water from the production of oil and natural gas. According to an analysis published by the Tulsa World in January, the volume of waste water dumped climbed 81% over six years, coinciding with an increase in the country’s earthquake.


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