Really Funny Messages to Put on Facebook

really funny pictures to put on facebook

really funny pictures to put on facebook

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Newton’s law of burden shedding:
“the rate of burden shedding is
straightforwardly propotional to the
temperature of air
given that the part of
WAPDA stays steady”.

What’s basic between the sun & ladies’ clothing?
a) Both are hot
b) Both look better while going down
c) Both vanish by night.

Do you ever see that anybody driving slower than you is a numbskull,
& anybody driving speedier than you is a neurotic?’
Child asks contrast between Confidence & Confidential
Father advises, you are my child I’m Confident.
your frnd is excessively my child, that is Confidential

God saw your folks hungry, he made dinner
God saw they are parched, he made coke
He saw them strolling, he made auto
He saw them without issues, he made you.

Sometime you may lose your hair.
you may lose your teeth- your cash & even lose your psyche.
Yet, one thing you will never free is your great looks.
since you cant lose what you don’t have!

I’m so sad for not letting you know this some time recently.
You should know how keen, adorable, witty, sweet, beguiling,
charming and superb you are!…
I didn’t know I’ve affected you that much!

I STUMBLEUPON her @ the library.
She FLICKRs me a grin.
I DIGG her FACE; BOOK in her grasp
I’ve REDDIT b4.
We talk& TWITTER,
we go back2 MYSPACE.

In a gathering a great looking gentleman asked a young lady “would you say you are going to move?”
She felt so cheerful & said-“yes” & the gentleman said-“that is great, so would i be able to have your seat?:-D

Be pleasant to the ones who smoke.. each cigarette may be their last.
Sorts Of Proposals:
1. I Love U
2. I Want To Spend My Rest Of Life Wid U.
3. Will U Marry Me ? … .
Be that as it may, The Latest And Favorite One Now..
Wanna B My Chammak Challo..?? 😉

Would you like to profit from facebook?
It’s simple…
Simply go to your record setting deactivate your record
Furthermore, go to work…

Doing nothing is difficult to do
You never know when you are done.
Experience is a heavenly thing.
It empowers you to perceive an oversight when you make it once more.


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