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At the point when individuals call you ‘Photogenic’,
they’re really attempting to let you know that
you look “Uglier” than your photo!

What is the genuine importance of Study?
S – Sleeping
T – Talking
U – Unlimited Messaging
D – Dreaming
Y – Yaani ke pole life
SO go ahead with your study!

Kid: I cherish you.
Young lady: Meri Chappal Ka Size Pata Hai Na?
Kid: Lo Kar Lo Baat, Friendship Hui Nahi Farmaishan Shuru!

Instructor: Sarah, go to the guide and discover North America.
SARAH: Here it is. Instructor: Correct. Presently class,
who found America?CLASS: Sarah!

1 Maa ki rqust hy
plz ignor mt krna
Fre pkg hy to is ko itna phelo k usk bety tk pohnch jy
“putr bashir wapsi ty 1.5 ltr coke lenda aen
Teri phuphi ai ay te naal Qeemay walay samosay v. Te mera putr aan wali karee. . .*
r O c K I N G s…. . . . . . . . .

It’s Perfectly Legal To
Murder Someone In Your
That is Why
I Wake Up With A Smile Everyday

U r 20% Fantastic,
U r 20% Attractive,
U r 20% Loveable,
U r 20% Terific,
U r 20% Understandable,
Inshort U r 100% F.A.L.T.U.

Dollars has expanded to Rs. 96…
Milk has expanded to Rs. 70…
Petrol has expanded to Rs. 101… 😥
Much appreciated God!
Passing Marks are still 33…

Read Carefully A Letter By A Student: .
Dear BOARD Of Education, . . . . . . . . . . . .
I’m Also BORED Of Education..

Dissimilar to others your cerebrum is an artful culmination,
It is isolated in 2 sections � Left & Right.
In left nothing is Right & in right nothing is Left!

Stature of good fortunes
educator: Hey! Stand up, let me know two pronouns
Understudy: who? Me?
Educator: great, take a seat

Dream makes everything conceivable, Hope makes everything work,
Luv makes everything wonderful, Smile makes all the above…
So dependably Brush ur Teeth
Who said English is simple???
Fill in da clear with YES or No ….
1.��I dont have cerebrum ….
2.��I dont have sence ….
3.��I am idiotic …. .
He came to me the previous evening
investigated my entire body
licked it
sucked it
gulped it
at the point when fulfilled he cleared out…
I was hurt…
You Dirty Mind.
Q: What is the similirity
between SEX & SHOPPING?
A: MAN can not hold both


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