Trump to Merkel: “We’re both bugged Obama”

Trump to Merkel: "We're both bugged Obama"

President Donald Trump reiterated his claim that he had been tapped by the administration of Barack Obama, in the visit of German Chancellor Angela Continue reading


The FBI director was fired by Trump President in connection with Clinton’s email

President Donald Trump has sacked the FBI director over the handling of an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email. Continue reading

, trump sets off for ‘do-or-die’ foreign journey

given his modern political fortunes, if president donald trump’s crucial first overseas journey passes off without a disaster, it will likely be taken into consideration a achievement. Continue reading

Here Are the Top 33 #TrumpTelevisionShows Trends on Twitter

Here Are the Top 33

on occasion a Twitter fashion pops into my information feed and i am getting approximately 30 minutes of shear laughter out of it. The ultra-modern, Continue reading

Why President Trump must renounce right away

Why President Trump must renounce right awayagree with me, I don’t take the calling for the resignation of the President of america of the us gently, but it certainly is the most effective option following more than one reviews of his treasonous (sure I said it) behavior inside the Oval Continue reading